15 Billion Reasons to Give Thanks for Pretty Much Everything

It’s a slow business week in the U.S., so slow that you’re probably not even reading this because you’re busy getting ready for the holiday.  Either that or you’re trying to make several work-related deadlines before the long holiday weekend and really don’t have time to read this.

micrometersBut on the off chance that you are, we’d like to wish for you a very happy Thanksgiving and give you some food for thought (pun intended) on why we all have so many reasons to be genuinely thankful.

Both the existence of this blog and the very reason you’re reading it is because of our shared belief in the utter necessity for continuity, specifically planning for business continuity.  But another type of continuity comes to mind and has on at least a weekly basis since I took summer camp-style astronomy classes at Rice University in the ‘70’s.  And that is the unimaginable size and continuity of flow of the universe . . . and the endlessness of time.

More specifically, I think about all of the billions of things that had to go just right in order for me to be sitting here using the most amazing machine* in the universe, the human brain, as a tool to manipulate yet another purely amazing machine, a laptop computer, in order to generate these words that you’re now so very easily reading using the same two machines.  All the while I’m enjoying the sound of gravity-driven precipitation – I love the sound of rain – dressed in comfortable clothing in an overpriced chair in a warm office with hot coffee having just finished a wonderful lunch.  How much continuity was required for me to get to this very moment?  Take 4 minutes and run your eyes along this diagram and you’ll know.


The endlessness that got us to this moment makes me thankful for quite a few other things, too.  My truly awesome sisters and brother, our amazing parents (both gone now but never, ever forgotten even for a single day), kittens, a few hundred good friends, at least three of my last five girlfriends, eyes that see, lungs that breathe and arms that hug.  And lasagna!


So be thankful.  And wonder in amazement at all that continuity.  Happy Thanksgiving!

* At least as far as we know up to this point.


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Unedited image and pull quote content: picomazing.com.

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