Thinking About Installing A Standby Power Generator? A 20-Minute Webinar To Increase Safety, Save You Money and Minimize The Hassle

register-buttonThere’s been a surge in sales of backup/standby power generators over the past few years and that’s for a variety of reasons. They’re conspicuously on display at Home Depot and Lowe’s, taking up floor space that just a couple of years ago would have been occupied by fertilizer or gas grills.  It could be that the frequency and nature of storms that disrupt our lives seem to have increased along with our reliance on power for everything we do. Or, with the media’s help, we may fear the worst: that the bulk electric power system is a great target for physical and/or cyber attack that results in a prolonged and widespread blackout.

generator-rentalDr. Ed Goldberg, CBCP has worked in the power industry for over twenty years, including over a decade in business continuity and disaster recovery planning as well as threat assessment. Join us for around 20 minutes – plus Q&A – at 10:30 a.m. Central on Wednesday, April 23rd as he discusses the rationale for making an investment in a generator as well as the ins and outs of shopping for, selecting, purchasing, installing and maintaining generators, including both portable and permanently installed varieties.  Two years ago, Ed installed a standby power generator at his home in Connecticut and his hands-on experience resulted in a new education and appreciation of the finer points of proper, efficient and hassle-free installation.  This presentation will also cover aspects of installing an industrial generator for use in corporate and other larger-scale environments as well as the pros and cons of incident-specific generator rental.  And no, this is not even close to being a sales pitch.

Ed-largeAbout the presenter: Dr. Ed Goldberg, CBCP manages Northeast Utilities’ BC, DR and Threat Assessment Programs in Berlin, CT. Ed served 10 years as IT manager at Millstone Nuclear Power Station.  Ed is a CBCP with 25+ years IT and management experience. He served 4 terms as president of Connecticut ACP, is in his 5th year on the ACP Corporate Board, chairs its Education Committee, and is a popular conference speaker and published author.  Ed has a BSEE and MBA, an advanced Graduate Certificate in Computer Communication Networks and a Doctorate in Management and Organizational Leadership.  He has Professional Engineering and amateur radio licenses.  Ed serves as faculty at Capella University since 2003 and taught at Albertus Magnus College for 11 years.  He has firsthand experience designing military computer systems, fire alarm control panels, web offset printing press accessories, and electrofinishing/plating computerized controls. And as if that’s not enough, he has a patent for sub-ambient fluid circulation systems used in the printing industry.

If you’re even thinking about installing a generator either at home or for your organization, spend a few minutes with us on the 23rd to find out how you can avoid unnecessary expense, increase safety and avoid some major headaches. Register now.



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