Don’t Forget to Register: Free, 35-Minute Webinar on Post-Storm Safety and Electric Utility Familiarization

Just a reminder that time is running out to register for our extremely educational and fast-paced 35-minute webinar at 10:30 Central / 11:30 Eastern on Thursday, June 12th.  Space is limited but you can register here now.  The webinar does include a sales pitch that lasts all of about 20 seconds. If there’s a conflict on your schedule, register and you’ll automatically get a link to the video recording the day after the webinar.

register-buttonI’ve been involved in the production of more than 100 webinars in the last 8 years and I’ve probably attended at least 100 more and this is one of the single best general information presentations I’ve ever seen.  The presenter is Warren Rogers, Safety Supervisor – Eastern District for Connecticut Light and Power.  He makes this and similar presentations almost weekly and he does an outstanding job.  I asked him to give me a few bullet points and this is what he sent:

Did you ever wonder . . .

• What is all that stuff on the utility pole and is it dangerous?

• Which is more dangerous, the wires coming to the house or the ones on top of the poles?

• If my family is in a car-versus-pole accident, what should they do to stay alive?

• What can I do to live a long time and not die by electrocution?

Obviously the presentation is not just about storms.  It also deals with your daily exposure to electrical hazards which are much more likely to be the cause of an injury or death.

I rarely suggest to anyone that they should do something because they’ll “be glad they did”; the phrase rings hollow and sounds disingenuous.  But you will.  Register and watch this one.  You’ll realize five minutes after it starts that it’s a great use of your time.


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