$#@! Business Continuity People Say (Rated G)

A few weeks ago I was listening to a guy being interviewed who’d recently published a book aimed at college kids encouraging them to pick up some good habits and drop some of the bad ones in order to not only get a job but actually keep it.  One of his comments was that “Some of the older truisms are now considered cliché and therefore disregarded in general. But there’s a reason they’re called truisms.”

What's seriously wrong with this picture? Click to view our webinar on post-storm (and general) electricity safety webinar from last week presented by Warren Rogers of Connecticut Light & Power.

Recovery truism #439: any damaging storm has the potential to seriously impact the IQ of some of the people involved. What’s seriously wrong with this picture? Click to view our webinar on post-storm (and general) electricity safety presented by Warren Rogers of Connecticut Light & Power.

Which made me think of think of my habit of encouraging people to charge their phones whenever they have the opportunity because, “Even on a sunny day, you never know when the power might go out.”  I’m a BC geek. So I asked a bunch of our clients and friends – all BC pros – for their favorite examples of $#@! that BC people say.  Given the nature of the BC mindset, I wasn’t surprised that I got a lot of responses and here’s the list.

  • “Only a quarter tank left?  Time to fill up.”  (Same for AA batteries, toilet paper, etc.)
  • “So what’s your generator’s exercise schedule?”
  • “Come on over! We’re eating down last year’s hurricane supplies so we can go buy new ones.”
  • “You didn’t tell your neighbors you bought this, did you?!!”
  • “You dropped your cell in the toilet?  I don’t even take mine into the bathroom!”
  • “First one to fall asleep cleans the bathroom tomorrow.” (Said jokingly during a hurricane ride-out at headquarters.)
  • “Sandals?  Never.  Even to the beach.  If there’s an emergency, you can’t run in those.”
  • “Hope someone checked the emergency elevator brake.”  (Heard at EVERY BC/DR show while standing in elevator with multiple BC planners.)
  • “Never miss an opportunity to market a disaster.”
  • “Got a pen? Surely somebody has a pen.  We always have a writing tool backup.”
  • “SPAM and beanie wienies can taste amazing together.”
  • “I’m tired of IT saying their disaster plan is a ‘revised resume.’”
  • “Beware of sharks swimming in your neighborhood.”  (Beachside neighborhood after superstorm Sandy.)
  • “Good news, IT fixed my laptop.  Bad news, they cannibalized our disaster backup equipment to fix it.”
  • “Will we be getting some cots for this year?”
  • “Who’s in charge of catering for the long weekends?”
  • “Is the Last Person Out out of the building?”
  • “OK, where’s the fire?!” (With thanks to @BCMAC7 for those last four.)
  • “You and your friends ate all of the MREs while we were gone for the weekend?  Do you have any idea how many calories each one has?”
  • “Never run out of snacks and caffeine in the Command Center!”
  • “Always expect the worse and you will never be disappointed.”
  • “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” – George Patton

Another submitter contributed the Top 10 Signs your BC program is in trouble:

10. Following your last disaster, the first words spoken by your Incident Commander were:  “Who’s in charge here?!”
9. Corporate Headquarters are right next to a nuclear plant in the flight path of Miami International.
8. You have more resources devoted to continuity efforts than to production systems.
7. You frequently hear the question, “We have a Business Continuity Program here??”
6. Instead of a plan, most people just keep a copy of the local yellow pages and a link to monster.com.
5. Your boss thinks resilience means being able to make the corporate softball tournament 3 years running.
4. The latest DR procedures mention something about punch cards and floppy disks.
3. Managers show up to your exercises . . . in gym clothes.
2. You see a Boy Scout Handbook and wonder if anything in it might improve your program.
1. You just realized this Top 10 list is meant to be humorous.

Our friend Aaron Milner at Agility Recovery Services contributed the following (he created the one at the bottom):



And then there’s this fairly humorous video that Homeland Security produced.

Share your favorite $#@! BC people say.  Email me or comment and we’ll post them in a few weeks.  Include whether you want credit or not and we’ll link back to your company website or LinkedIn page.

And as a follow-up to all this, are BC professionals – at least the good ones – a little bit OCD?  Discuss.  We’ll follow up on that, too.


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