Jam-Packed November! Three More Great Webinars From The Association of Contingency Planners

The free series of excellent business continuity webinars that the Association of Contingency Planners produces will continue in November and it’s going to be a busy month with three different presentations (actually four since the one on November 11th is a twofer).  The ACP webinar series is sponsored by Continuity Housing and each of the webinars, as usual, will be emceed by inimitable ACP corporate board member Dr. Edward Goldberg.

Here’s a brief description of each and links where you can register.  Note that you’ll need to register separately for each one.

Business Continuity Management and Cyberterrorism: How it Affects Us and What You Should Be Doing Now, Thursday, November 6th, 2:00 to 3:00 Eastern.  Register for this one here.

acp-webinarJust when you thought that you saw the light at the end of the tunnel, it turned out to be the cyberterrorist express. BCM has become more entrenched in the means of delivering products and services upon which consumers and the general population depends. Any disruption in the process chain, without a robust and dependable contingency plan, can prove catastrophic to the fortunes of companies and even governments. This webinar will examine case studies that show the value of including dependencies and why BCM is so essential to a holistic approach to resilience. It will also examine the effects of cyberterrorism in the context of the added exposure of supply chain and how government regulations are changing to address these issues. The presenter will be Al Berman, president of DRI International.

The ACP Connecticut Chapter November Meeting Simulcast covering two different topics: “Human Factors in Business Continuity Planning” and “Accommodating People with Disabilities in Business Continuity Planning and Emergency Response,” Tuesday, November 11th, Noon to 2:00 Eastern.  Register here.

“Human Factors in Business Continuity Planning” presented by Cynthia Simeone and Steve Crimando.  Cynthia is an expert in business continuity planning and Steve is a behavioral scientist, outlining key psychological and behavioral considerations across the four phases of emergency management (i.e.-mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery). Cynthia introduces a BCP challenge for each phase, and Steve introduces research and case studies/examples to help the BC Planner make accurate behavioral assumptions specific to that phase and the unique challenge, then they together suggest or offer ways to apply that information in a practical manner in policy, planning, procedures and/or exercises.

“Accommodating People with Disabilities in Business Continuity Planning and Emergency Response” presented by Steven Thal, Connecticut Capital Region Emergency Planning Committee and Jeff Heisner, independent consultant. Steven has more than 40 years of professional and volunteer work to provide training and increase public education on blindness and eye care. Jeff Heisner is a seasoned business continuity and disaster recovery expert.

The Importance of a Resilient Supply Chain, Monday, November 24th, 11:00 – Noon, Eastern.  Register here.

supply-chainContingency planning goes beyond making sure you have your own plans in place. Supply chains are becoming ever more complex and it is easy to lose track of them, but if you do lose track then you could be opening up your organization to a disaster. A disruption anywhere within the supply chain may well have a significant impact on all the other organizations within it. Results from the Business Continuity Institute’s annual Supply Chain Resilience survey showed just how big an impact these disruptions can have and how frequently they occur. It is no longer enough to ensure that you have your own contingency plan in place, it is vital to ensure that everyone within your supply chain has one too. Presented by Patrick Alcantara, Research Associate at the BCI & Andrew Scott, Senior Communications Manager at the Business Continuity Institute.

Pick and choose, mix and match, etc. and feel free to forward these to anyone you think might be interested in attending.  And definitely register to attend if you’re interested in any of them even if you can’t attend on the date when they’re scheduled. That way you’ll receive the automated follow-up after the presentation(s) you sign up for that includes the link to where you can watch each of the recorded versions.

Note that all of presentation times listed are in Eastern Standard Time after Daylight Saving Time ends for most of the U.S. on November 2nd and adjust your scheduling accordingly.


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