Great job today by Christian Lappin of TierPoint on the ACP Webinar: Learn How to Move To and From Clouds Without Getting an Ulcer

Let me just say this first.  Christian Lappin is a nice guy.  And when we run across someone genuinely nice in the course of doing business, we want to help them.  Besides that, he’s sharp.  And he makes a mean presentation.  I can’t do much, but I can do this . . .

ThumbnailChristian was the presenter on today’s ACP webinar – part of their acclaimed educational series.  As usual, he had good content, kept it short, was able to answer everyone’s questions, etc.  But he also managed to demystify something that keeps a lot of us up at night: the Cloud.  Capital “C” out of reverence.

With more and more of us moving to the cloud, and consequently depending on the cloud, this is exactly the kind of info we need.

I’ve worked with Christian a few times now, and I always leave thinking it was time well spent.

Check it out here and, as always, feel free to share as you see fit.  Plenty of room for us all.


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