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What Ceaseless Times Square Can Teach Us About Business Continuity

The week before last I visited New York City to, among other things, make a presentation at the monthly meeting of the NYC Metro chapter of the Association of Contingency Planners.  It was a nice size crowd, not so many that we couldn’t engage in an interactive session, which is just the way I like […]

Hotels Mimicking Airlines With Extraneous New Fees – Business Continuity Professionals Take Note!

Is the hotel industry taking it too far with new fees for everything from checking in early to a surcharge for that room safe whether you use it or not?  And if you’re traveling on the company dime, should you even care?  Even if you don’t, your company sure should and whomever they designate to keep […]

Two Reasons for BC Professionals to Join the Association of Contingency Planners: Better Results For You and More Money (Also For You)

I’m probably a little shy of the age (that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!) when I can use phrases like “back in the day” but I don’t remember there ever being so very many options for different industry organizations to join.  I remember groups like the American Institute of Architects and the American […]

Tweaking Your Business Continuity Plan: Delegating Wisely Is As Important As Hiring The Right Person

When it comes to hiring it’s not only critical to hire the “right” person for the job but also to utilize that person to the greatest benefit and capitalize on their strengths.  At least that’s how we see it. And that’s how we see business continuity as well.  Think of your own organization.  A plan […]

The Folks Who Keep Our Lights On All The Time: A Fly on the Wall at The Annual Gathering of Experts

To be fair, I was a little more than just a fly on the wall.  I got to deliver my very favorite message: a hotel room night is a perishable good.  In good news though, if you want to guarantee those rooms will be available to your organization on a contingency basis should you need […]

Counting The Costs, and Benefits, for Business Continuity From The Perspective of a Veteran Deployment Housing Warrior

Who knew it could cost $1,000 per person per day just to house critical personnel near their backup site in the event of a category 2 hurricane?  But that’s exactly what happened to one of the largest banks in the U.S. when they had to deploy their Gulf Coast personnel in anticipation of the landfall […]

Threat of Chantal Dissipates. Or Does It? Ever? (A Recipe for Letting Your Guard Down)

Starting as early as last weekend, forecasters were predicting the potential for a severe impact from what are now the remnants of tropical storm Chantal.  One ‘news’ source even predicted a “Katrina like path” – with all that implies – despite the fact that the vast majority of the more than 20 hurricane models kept […]