Webinar Rescheduled – Staying ALIVE When the Power Lines Come Down: Post-Storm Safety and Electric Utility Familiarization

The following is mostly a repost from May 5th but I decided to run it again because we had to reschedule the webinar, which had originally been scheduled for May 22nd, due to a family emergency.  However, during our practice session on May 20th, I was reminded yet again what a great presentation this is so please register and attend if you’re able to.  It’s free, it’s interesting, there’s no sales pitch involved and you’ll learn an incredible amount in under 30 minutes.

register-buttonA few years ago while I was in the middle of a 2 ½-year stint as the producer of the monthly ACP webinar series, Warren Rogers, Safety Supervisor – Eastern District for Connecticut Light and Power, agreed to do a webinar about post-storm safety relevant to downed power lines.  It’s no exaggeration to say that after the dress rehearsal a few days before the live presentation, I was shocked at how much I hadn’t previously known about power line safety.  I was particularly dumbfounded at how ignorant I’d been given that I grew up and live in hurricane country.  Of the hundreds of webinars that I’ve produced and presented and scores of others that I’ve attended, it was one of the two or three most important I’ve ever been exposed to.

watch-it-tooSo recently I asked Warren if he’d make that very important presentation again and I’m delighted that he agreed.  After all, we’re in the middle of a fairly active spring storm season and hurricane season starts in a couple of days.  The extremely educational and fast-paced 30-minute webinar will be at 10:30 Central / 11:30 Eastern on Thursday, June 12th and you can register here.

Even if you can’t attend, go ahead and register so that you can receive the link to watch it afterwards because after you do, you’ll want everyone in your family and others who are important to you to watch it, too.  It’s that significant.  It’s also an entertaining presentation because you’ll see specific examples (and benefit from) the mistakes others have made before.  Here are a few specifics provided by Warren:

Did you ever wonder . . .

  • What is all that stuff on the utility pole and is it dangerous?
  • Which is more dangerous, the wires coming to the house or the ones on top of the poles?
  • If my family is in a car-versus-pole accident, what should they do to stay alive?
  • What can I do to live a long time and not die by electrocution?

A veteran speaker and respected expert on the topic of electricity safety, Warren has a long history in the commercial and U.S. Navy nuclear industry in Radiation Protection, Emergency Management and Training.  For the last 10 years he’s been involved with electric distribution safety for CL&P. As a sideline Warren teaches 40 to 50 Electrical Safety and Emergency response training classes a year (about half of those as a volunteer) to First Responders, Public Works, CERT Teams and occasionally OSHA associates. Warren holds a B.S. in Applied Science, Radiation Protection from Charter Oak State University and an M.S. in Emergency Management from Jacksonville State University.

And it’s not just about storms.  This presentation also deals with your daily exposure to electrical hazards which are much more likely to be the cause of an injury or death.

register-buttonEven if you’re not involved in the business continuity industry, this is the most important webinar you’ll ever attend relevant to the safety of your family and employees when it comes to power line safety. Warren’s presentation is a gritty, honest look at the costly mistakes so many have made in the past and how to avoid them. In a very short time you’ll learn how to react, respond and survive around downed lines in the aftermath of a storm . . . and you’ll be alarmed to learn how much you didn’t know about electricity.


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