What We Do | Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Housing

We address an often overlooked aspect of business continuity which can threaten the success of your plan – housing. Our proprietary contracts secure guaranteed hotel rooms for mission critical employees, giving you 100% coverage for less than 5% of the contract value. Each member of our team brings 15-plus years of experience in hotel sales and management. We speak the hotels’ language, and we know where and when hotels can bend.

Business Continuity


Companies and organizations located in areas that are prone to natural disasters have to be proactive.  Under our contingency program, hotel availability is guaranteed.

Disaster Recovery


If an emergency causes your company to relocate business operations and critical personnel, we can help.

500 Relocations

Since 2006, we’ve managed more than 500 client deployments spanning anywhere from 25 to 2,500 employees and their families.

Over 500,000 Hotel Rooms

We have worked with more than 350 hotels across the country to ensure that our clients’ personnel are in a safe and work ready environment.

100% Success Rate

We have a 100% success record. No client employee has ever had to secure their own room during a deployment because one wasn’t available to them under their Continuity Housing contract.