What makes us stand out:

  • Unique

    We are the only company of our kind, focusing solely on the business continuity and disaster recovery markets.

  • Experts

    Each member of our team brings 15 to 30 years of experience in hotel sales and management. We understand the inner workings of hotels and how they evaluate our business case.  Using that, we develop and implement a strategic, cost-effective plan to guarantee hotel rooms on a contingency basis.

  • Innovative

    Our guaranteed employee housing program secures and protects hotel rooms for critical personnel (and their families if needed) and is the only one of its kind.  We constantly refine our services to bring you state-of-the-art risk mitigation with an eye on your bottom line.

  • A full partner

    We manage the entire process:  RFPs, contract negotiations, inventory reporting, deployments of your personnel and their families and billing/invoicing.

With our program, you receive:

  • One Point of Contact

    Rather than communicating individually with each hotel in your program, you make one call and we’ll handle everything.  Consider us an extension of your team, with the big decisions coming from you.

  • A choice of hotels and guaranteed rooms

    We don’t work for any hotels.  We work for you.  So the legwork is ours, but decisions are yours.  Simply choose hotels that meet your criteria, then rest easy knowing that your protected hotel rooms cannot be sold without your consent.  This is the strongest guarantee in the industry.

  • Reconciled invoices

    We audit all your hotel invoices to protect your company and ensure you are credited for all resold rooms under the terms of the contract. We cross-reference each invoice against the original rooming list and scrutinize documented changes to eliminate any overcharges.

  • Free services

    Many of our services, such as hotel contract negotiations once an evacuation is triggered, are at no cost to your company. We are compensated for bookings directly by hotels, all of whom guarantee that their room rate will not increase as a result of that commission.